Energy Saving Solar Program - Net Metering
• Reduce Your Hydro Bill
• Receive Credit from Hydro Company
• Solar Panes will pay for your electricity
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Off-Grid & Battery Backup Systems
• Power outage solar backup systems
• DIY Solar Packages
• Power Your Cottage with Solar Energy
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• Solar Panel Maintenance
• Wildlife Protection
• Solar PV System Monitoring
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Generate money and renewable energy

Logitest Solar Inc. undertakes extreme pride in offering adept assistance in designing world class quality “Grid-Tie” and “Off-Grid” PV solar projects, cutting edge engineering solutions, registration processes and installation and connection of the PV solar projects and solar energy panels to home, business and landowners across Ontario.

Solar energy provides an environmentally-friendly option to fossil fuels combustion. It is also the most easily-managed type of renewable energy. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, Logitest Solar Inc. is committed to support and promote the Net Metering program. The cost of solar panels offered by us is affordable without any compromise in quality.

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